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I have a lot of Friends

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1I have a lot of Friends Empty I have a lot of Friends on Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:39 pm


It's weird how the internet is being used these days. People are really into this social networking thing. I tried to shy away from it at first, but eventually gave in and got a Xanga. But that sucked, because I had to write blogs to be active in any way, shape or form. Plus it turned out no one wanted to read about my life in the third person, or even the first person. And it turned out that how well I was progressing with my blue elf in World of Warcraft didn't hit a very good demographic on Xanga.

Then there was this whole MySpace thing. Thought I'd give it a try. It seemed less involved, which I'm all about. Blogging wasn't as important on MySpace. Instead I could steal photographs off of some other dude's MySpace page and claim that his daily activities he documented in "pics" was my life. And I could add a song to my profile, which was awesome until MySpace would remove it because some retard uploaded it illegally. But eventually that got old, too, because I couldn't make any friends. Turned out they wanted me to have a cool looking profile with all kinds of interests and favorite TV shows and such. And again, it turned out no one wanted to know how I was progressing in World of Warcraft.

Then there was this Facebook thing. I hated it at first, because you could only get in if you were associated with a school or a company. I lied and said I was a Chesty Lion from Lawrence, Kansas. I got my GD, in actuality. So I had nobody to befriend in my network and nobody wanted to add me, because I didn't have any mutual friends with them. But then Facebook opened it up for the whole world, which is nice because now I can create a bunch of Hotmail accounts and then create Facebook accounts using those Hotmail accounts and then add me as a friend. It's pretty cool. I just added Joe Schmoe as my 3,619th friend on Facebook. Sometimes I "ignore" these requests, I like the power. And then they added the App stuff, which was cool until I realized that those Apps are worthless if your friends are just ghost accounts. So then I came to the conclusion that the only way this was going to work was if I logged into the other accounts and became active with them occasionally. I average about 21 wall posts a day from various "friends" and update my status 16 times a day. And then I challenge one account in my Internet Explorer browser to a game or chat using Firefox, and sometimes I get a three-way going by bringing up Google Chrome. It's pretty cool, but sometimes I forget which account I have up and totally mess up the continuity of the conversation or sabotage my own game.

Not sure why I'm writing about this really. Guess I just felt like blogging, which is strange because I hate blogging. I'm thinking of creating a Fan Page for me, and posting links to it on a stationary website with the domain I was also thinking of creating a fake band page by downloading the music from some indie artist on ReverbNation. But I haven't come up with a band name yet, so I'm stalling on that. These are a few ideas I have thus far: Flickr Pickrs, The MixTape Diaries, Conclusive Conclusions, The Live Band In Concert, Granny's Bathwater, Sour Cream 'n' Chives, The Band Band, etc.

Still not sure why I'm blogging about this, guess I just wanted something to read from Mark Gifford's account. He's an avid reader.

Here's a picture of me and my homies. Piece out, Spartans!

If I hit you with my right hand, I love you. If I hit you with my left hand, I'm a hater. If you block me, you're a tosser.

Nathan Weaver
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2I have a lot of Friends Empty Re: I have a lot of Friends on Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:36 pm


woot world of warcraft!!

lol that was quite the story.

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